The guesswork and conflicting
advice about food is now obsolete

Have you ever wondered what foods were making you feel tired, heavy, and drained? The foods you eat can actually hold you back from losing weight, sleeping better, ditching the bloat, and feeling happier and healthier! Find out what foods are holding you up in just seconds. Our revolutionary app works as your personal guide throughout the day. It has never been easier to know which foods will take-away from you accomplishing your health goals.

Our app helps you to discover which foods your body should skip for optimal wellbeing.

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Our App captures the entire process!

Our app shows you images of food and uses just a smartphone camera to detect micro-changes in skin color in certain areas of your face together with micro expressions and interprets it.

Your FACE can’t lie

Hormones, blood flow, movement of facial muscles, emotional reaction occur subconsciously and happen in tens of milliseconds from the time you see food. Complex reactions and interactions of neurons change the intensity of blood flow in your face which in turn changes your facial skin color.

Our app determines which foods you should skip

By analyzing the micro changes in your face skin color, our app determines your emotional state and individual needs at this specific moment toward each product. As the result we show you products you should skip which would not complement your nutritional wellbeing.

Your EYES lead the way

Like all primates you use your vision to select food to eat. The image of food you choose in your mind activates a variety of physiological, emotional and cognitive processes in your body.

Your EMOTIONS tell the story

You experience an emotional reaction to the image of food you chose: Did you feel fully satisfied? Did you feel uncomfortable? You’ll choose foods in the future based on this emotional reaction.

Your BODY sends you messages

Your body releases hormones, increases blood flow in the stomach and intestines, and activates receptors in blood and organs to receive nutrients from intestines.

Eat mindfully,

Lose weight for good and increase your wellbeing:
Using a smartphone camera, discover the foods that have been holding you back.

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