Company history

An establishment of our scientific research and development team roots back to 2001. We developed a groundbreaking methodology to determine an individual intolerance to food products - HEMOCODE™. In over 6 years HEMOCODE™ clinics served to over 150,000 patients to help control their weight. In 2007, the brand HEMOCODE™ was acquired by group of private investors. As a result, there were several clinics opened in Canada. The company entered a venture capital market in Toronto, Canada and in Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, in Germany.

Dr. Konstantin Pronko

We continued our research and development to improve methodology and our approach to testing. We realized a great potential in telemetric contactless methods of telemedicine diagnostics. Our goal was to develop technology that would be capable to record biological parameters of a person, biological feedback and methods to measure vital signs of a human body using available technology. Back in 2008, we did not have the necessary technological means to succeed in our venture. Although we had built medical equipment that worked remarkably well, it was either too bulky or unjustifiably expensive to an end user.

In 2012, we accomplished to create a technology that registers photoplethysmography and measures frequency of arterial pulse, frequency of respiratory movements using an HD camera than not only became affordable but is now a part of any gadget! That marked a beginning of development of today’s true preferences™ technology that we continue to improve.

Members of our scientific research and business management team

Dr. Konstantin Pronko, Psy.D. – an independent scientist, Doctor of Psychology, an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of HEMOCODE™.

Dr. Konstantin Pronko and Dr. Vladimir Zemskov, Ph.D.

Prof. Vladimir M. Zemskov, MD, Ph.D. – is a Professor of Allergy and Immunology and also the Head of “Clinical Immunology” Group at Vishnevsky Surgery Institute, Moscow, Russia. He did his postgraduate studies during 1961-1964 in the laboratory of Microbiology and Immunology at Institute of Biophysics, Ministry of Health in Moscow, SU. He completed his master's in 1965 and obtained PhD in 1974. He was a fellow of the Institute of SU Ministry of Health Medical and Biological Problems from 1964-1976 and Head of the Laboratory of Immunology, Cardiology Research Center of SU the Ministry of Health, from 1976-1980. He is serving as an editorial board member for 3 American and one Russian journals and a peer-reviewer for two scientific journals. He has published a total of over 480 scientific papers, including 7 textbooks on clinical immunology for medical universities and academies.

Vladimir M. Zemskov, Ph.D. is a member of of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Department of "Clinical and Experimental Medicine") and the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences (Department of "Environmental Health, Biotechnology, Medicine and Economics of Industry"), honored Scientist of Russia, winner of the RUSSIA Government Prize, practicing doctor for the past 38 years.

Dr. Alex Dyashev, Ph.D.

Prof. Alex Dyashev, Ph.D - Professor, has two doctorate degrees, one in Technical Sciences and the other in Biological Sciences, founder of HEMOCODE™, and creator of medical testing devices for HEMOCODE™ Clinics. Member of Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences.

Alexander Zatvan and Elizabeth Lataria

Alexander B. Zatvan – prominent investor and entrepreneur with a long track record of successful management and development of multiple grade projects, $3B exit. Alexander was one of the founders, main investor and a Senior Partner at HEMOCODE™ Project.

Prof. Vladimir Sinopalnikov with American
astronauts during preparation

In 2012, Vladimir Sinopalnikov and Alexander Taranov joined our scientific research group.

Prof. Vladimir Sinopalnikov, MD, Ph.D. - Professor, Doctorate degree in Medical Sciences. In 1995 – 2004 was a member of Head State Medical Commission of the Russian Federation of cosmonaut selection. Participated in development of professionally adapted rehabilitation programs of flight personnel and preparation of cosmonauts before launch to space, including for international Russian and American crews.

Alexander Taranov

Alexander Taranov - a computer programmer, a mathematician, a specialist in medical and technical information technologies field; developed a technology that allows to carry out telemonitoring of capillary blood flow in a human body using only any gadget’s HD web camera.

In 2018 Dmitri Kryjanovski had joined our Team.

Dmitri V. Kryjanovski, Ph.D. - Previously led business development at a company with a $50 mil exit. Ph.D. in Commercial litigation. Attended Central European University, Budapest, Hungary; Shepard Broad College of Law. Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA. Was appointed as CEO at True Preferences, Inc.


True Preferences Corporation was established in September 2018 in Delaware as part of a group of companies originated and managed by its parent company Facecontrol, Inc. Main objective of the Company is to focus on development of true preferences™ Application and its technology. True Preferences, Inc. owns all the intellectual property supporting the App, including a registered US Patent “System and method of objectively determining a user’s personal food preferences for an individual diet”. (Serial No. 15/225,167), developed by Facecontrol, Inc. Our Team is actively working on development and expansion of possibilities for the true preferences™ technology to other use cases beyond nutrition.


Facecontrol, Inc. is a Floridian research and development company. It was incorporated in Florida in 2015 as a parent company in relation to newly created companies, each running a separate project. Company focuses on NBIC Research and Development, with its main purpose to implement obtained results and inventions in everyday life for wide range of consumers.

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