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true preferences® created by FACECONTROL®
Warning: not for medical use

Our services are for your personal, noncommercial use and are intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. True preferences® is NOT intended to diagnose or treat any condition, to provide medical advice or to be a substitute for professional healthcare, and cannot be used for such purposes. Check with a doctor in addition to using our app and before making medical decisions.

The guesswork and conflicting advice about food is now obsolete.

Our app helps you to discover which foods your body should skip for optimal wellbeing.

Have you ever wondered what foods were making you feel tired, heavy, and drained? The foods you eat can actually hold you back from losing weight, sleeping better, ditching the bloat, and feeling happier and healthier! Find out what foods are holding you up in just seconds. Our revolutionary app works as your personal guide throughout the day. It has never been easier to know which foods will take-away from you accomplishing your health goals.

Your EYES lead the way

Like all primates you use your vision to select food to eat. The image of food you choose in your mind activates a variety of physiological, emotional and cognitive processes in your body.

Your BODY sends you messages

Your body releases hormones, increases blood flow in the stomach and intestines, and activates receptors in blood and organs to receive nutrients from intestines.

Your EMOTIONS tell the story

You experience an emotional reaction to the image of food you chose: Did you feel fully satisfied? Did you feel uncomfortable? You’ll choose foods in the future based on this emotional reaction.

Your FACE can’t lie

Hormones, blood flow, movement of facial muscles, emotional reaction occur subconsciously and happen in tens of milliseconds from the time you see food. Complex reactions and interactions of neurons change the intensity of blood flow in your face which in turn changes your facial skin color.

Our App captures the entire process!

Our app shows you images of food and uses just a smartphone camera to detect micro-changes in skin color in certain areas of your face together with micro expressions and interprets it.

Our app determines which foods you should skip

By analyzing the micro changes in your face skin color, our app determines your emotional state and individual needs at this specific moment toward each product. As the result we show you products you should skip which would not complement your nutritional wellbeing.

How it works

There is no one-size-fits-all diet for your good health. In three easy steps you’ll be on your way to feeling better and having more energy as you skip foods you body doesn’t need.
Step 1. Relax and look at displayed images.

Please follow instructions

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Step 3. We show you which foods to skip

We show you food you should skip which does not complement your nutritional wellbeing.

Step 2. Our app analyzes your face

Our app uses a smartphone camera to analyze changes in your skin color and your current emotional state to interpret individual needs towards each product.

What is the science behind our app?

How we choose the food we eat

Our brain is responsible for finding, choosing and regulating our eating behavior, most which occurs on the unconscious level…

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How our body reacts once we choose a food

After we choose a food our body activates a number of processes to aid digestion: we release hormones, increase blood flow in the stomach and intestines, and activate receptors in blood and organs to receive…

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Emotional response to food we choose

We also experience an emotional response to the type of food we chose, we subscoinsly ask questions such as: Was I satisfied with this food? Did I feel uncomfortable while eating this food? What was my…

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Our skin color changes based on our reaction to food

All the processes described above occur subconsciously in tens of milliseconds from the time we see an image of food.

As we release hormones and go through the...

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Measuring skin color allows us to measure your emotional response to food

Using a smartphone camera we can detect micro-changes in skin color in certain areas of your face and interpret your emotional state.

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Your journey awaits…

true preferences® is the wellbeing app that can change your life.
true preferences® created by FACECONTROL®


I love being outdoors, running, exercising. I’m a law student so it’s important for me that I have the endurance to play hard and study hard. I eat out most of the time since I don’t have time to cook for myself and my goal (like most people out there) is to be fit and healthy.

true preferences® was crazy simple to follow: simply run a quick test as the app scans my face while I look at pictures of food and avoid eating a list of foods they suggest. Not only did I feel truly satisfied with the food I ate but for the first time in my life I had the endurance to go through a hard and long day of studying and exercise and still have energy to go out in the evening.

-Allen Ayzen
Aventura, Florida

I am a vegetarian who suffers from dairy and gluten intolerances. For years the random spikes in my weight were a complete mystery to me. I didn’t realize that my body physically could not process the food I was eating. Instead of healing my body and eating foods I truly needed, I was painfully guessing what I should eat for a very long time.

It took many years and a great deal of research to finally discover the culprit behind my difficulties.That is why I am grateful to have discovered true preferences®. A great App that makes my day to day so much easier. Just a quick face scan, and I know exactly what foods to stay away from for the next two hours. Keeps the guess work out of what I should avoid. It’s the ideal stress free tool to incorporate into my busy life of work and travel.

-Salome Mindadze
Union City, New Jersey

Our team

Dr. Konstantin Pronko
An independent scientist, psychologist, serial entrepreneur, 35+ yrs of experience. Founder & ex-CEO of medical clinic network for weight loss
Alexander Zatvan
Vice President
Serial entrepreneur 40+ yrs of experience Former CEO of energy company, $3B exit
Dr. Vladimir Zemskov, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research and Development
PhD from the Academy of Medical Sciences. Has published 200+ papers in reputed journals and 42 monographs for medical students. Professor of immunology and allergology., PhD, MD.
Dmitri Kryjanovsky, Ph.D.
Previously led business development at a company with a $50 mil exit. Ph.D. in Commercial litigation.
Elizabeth Lataria
Business Development
5+ years of international business relations experience in the banking sector. Led and coordinated numerous efforts, programs and initiatives across multiple geo regions.
Serafima Veremeenko
Marketing Research
Has worked and led marketing initiatives across multiple campaigns at digital marketing agencies.
Yanush Cherkis
Advises to Start-Ups and Executive Coach. 20+ yrs business experience in tech. CPA, MBA.
Dmitry Dragilev
Our Senior Marketing Advisor at true preferences®. In 2014 he grew a startup from 0 to 40 million page views which got acquired by Google.
Prof. Sunil Ram
American Military University for 20+ yrs. Author and international media talking head. Specializes in strategic analysis and Competitive Intelligence (CI).
Allison Koenig
Dynamic writer and content editor, specializing in female based products, services, and entertainment marketing 10+ yrs. BA in English & Creative Writing

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