Frequently asked Questions

How does True Preferences work?

It’s a US patented technology that analyzes user’s personal reaction to presented stimuli, in case of true preferences® to food products, in order to assist in taking control over weight management and overall wellbeing improvement. Capabilities of the technology go far beyond its present application.

Who is True Preferences good for?

For those who are unhappy with their body and who are committed to make their lives brighter, more harmonious and improve the quality of life.

Can you really lose weight with True Preferences ?

You can, if you follow the program tips regularly.

What is the True Preference’s diet plan?

True Preferences is not a diet, it is a tool to analyze your body's individual reactions to presented stimuli.

What do red, orange, yellow and green foods mean in my test results?

After testing, all food products indicated in your set are ranked according to your body’s reaction to them. For your convenience, we have marked the list in four colors – red, orange, yellow and green. Please keep in mind the following rules when studying your test results. Products that caused the strongest response reaction of your body are marked red. Consumption of these food products may cause a negative impact on your body and contribute to the accumulation of fat tissue as the body’s function of storing energy. These products should be excluded from your diet until the next test. Some of the products are marked orange. This means that they are attractive to your body and will be also used to accumulate energy as fatty tissues. You have to be careful with these products. The products in the yellow zone are virtually neutral to your body. They will help to save your energy. Use these when planning to have a next meal and your daily activities requires a little more energy than usual. The products in the Green Zone are absolutely neutral for your body. Go ahead and eat anything from the list of products marked green to support your normal daily food intake.

Can I sync True Preferences with fitbit and other fitness trackers?

Sync option is not available in Basic Edition. Following Pro Edition offers such capability.

Can I use True Preferences App without an internet connection?

No, our App requires internet connection, since the results are processed on the server.

Will the App work on my iPad or tablet?

Not at the present moment. The App was designed to work on mobile phones.

What is Pro Edition?

This is the second upcoming edition of our APP. For a small fee, this edition will offer additional capabilities, such as: Integration with Apple HealthKit, Pedometer, Water calculator , Daily Burned Calorie calculator, Motivational Group Challenges and Tasks, Awards & Bonuses for Challenge Winners, Activity and Food Intake Log, Archive Calendar with Activity and Food Stats, Add up 600+ Images to Your Personal Food Library to Customize your Test, Additional “Check Your Intuition Testing.
Intuitive Health App for Release

What's included in Basic Edition?

Access to 50 Images Food Library to Scan and Receive Your Current Test Results Revealing your True Preferences, Ability to Test Before Each Meal (5+ Times per Day or Every Two Hours), Receive Two Types of Personalized Statistics: “Today” Stats and “Total” Stats (that totals all previous scans), Meal and Test Reminders: Set Helpful Reminders on Your Phone for When to Test and When to Eat.
Intuitive Health App for Release

Does True Preferences App support Apple Watch?

At this point, Apple Watch does not support True Preferences.

Can I reset my progress or statistics?

Only Pro and Pro Plus Editions support this option.

Why do you need my email address?

Your email is required during registration, as well as for feedbacks and for interactive communication. For more information please see our Privacy Policy and Terms.

Is my data safe?

All of your personal information is confidential. We use encryption protocols to transfer and store your information.

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