Pro Plus
Access to 50 Images From Our Food Library in Order to Scan and Receive Your Current Test Results Revealing your True Preferences®
Ability to Test Before Each Meal (5+ Times per Day or Every Two Hours)
Receive Two Types of Personalized Statistics: “Today” Stats and “Total” Stats (Which Includes Every Scan Completed)
Meal and Test Reminders: Set Helpful Reminders on Your Phone for When to Test and When to Eat
Integration with Apple HealthKit
Pedometer (Calories Burned Through Steps and Movement)
Water (Logging your Daily Intake)
Daily Calorie Calculator Bars:
Bar One: Daily Calorie Intake
Bar Two: Calories Burned Throughout the Day
Motivational Group Challenges and Tasks
Awards & Bonuses for Challenge Winners
Activity and Food Intake Log
Archive Calendar with Activity and Food Stats
Add up 600 + Images to Your Personal Food Library to Customize Your Test
Additional “Check Your Intuition” Testing
Questionnaires that Determine Your Food Habits and Tests Concerning Your Dependence on Food
Individual Recommendations Based on Test Results and Practical Applications to Shift Your Food Habits

Eat mindfully,

Lose weight for good and increase your wellbeing:
Using a smartphone camera, discover the foods that have been holding you back.

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